What Satellite Technology Means to the Computer User

Today broadband service is one of the most common types of service to have for connecting to the Internet and the days of using dialup service is left for people that do little more than get online once a week to check their email. What satellite technology has done is make it possible for people that do not live in populated areas to have a way to connect to the Internet.

Living in a rural area does not mean being stuck with a dialup connection, because satellite Internet works in much the same way as satellite television. There is a small dish mounted for sending and receiving data. Since the service depends on this dish there is no need for other ways of connecting, this is a service that is made for high-seed in the rural area and at the same time there are download speeds of 1.0 for home users and higher for home office users.

This technology means that surfing the web is fast, websites load at the blink of an eye and there is no waiting for pictures to download. That is a large advantage over the way that people living in rural areas are used to connecting using their telephone line and what that means is not only is the telephone line tied up, but only one computer in the house can be online at a time. Only having one connection can cause problems in some households when there is more than one computer in the house. When there is a shared connection it can cause problems doing homework, doing work at home or even just getting a turn to check email. All of the computers are able to surf the web, check email, play games and do research at the same time when it is a satellite broadband connection that is being used. The remarkable thing about having all of the computers in the house online means everyone can do what they need to get done. While it will slow the broadband connection down, it will still be many times faster than what a dialup connection would be.

It also makes it possible for people that have changed from dialup to will be able to use the Internet sites that hold videos that they could not see prior because downloading video takes a high-speed connection in order to load and play correctly. There are also the game sites that could not be used, because they could not load properly or run the graphics that make the games fun and since there is the technology to provide the speed that is needed even in a rural area.

Technology has made living in a rural area easy when surfing the net with a connection that is always on and one that has less down time than other services that can slow down or even disappear in bad weather or if the lines are disturbed until they are repaired. This is because the dish is not connected to any telephone lines or wires and the satellite it connects with in space is not affected by weather or other disturbances.

Instead of Throwing People Out of Work, What If Technology Could Help Everyone Prosper?

We’ve reached a turning point. We’re building a Digital Earth. What if we take a more positive digital future and accelerate it so we receive its benefits now?

Instead of new technology pushing people out of middle class jobs and lowering middle class incomes, suppose we leap ahead, specify future technology that helps everyone succeed, and show how to start that today. We could replace today’s stagnation and limits with a faster entry into a positive future.

We know tomorrow’s digital world is inevitable. The Earth will grow into one digital room with everyone in it. Our digital planet will be a more powerful world than has ever existed before.

We can already feel it coming. We’ll all be using 1 or 2 screens at once, and have screens around us all the time. The big questions are when and how we’ll build it, learn to benefit from it and take advantage of it.

One option, available now, is Expandiverse Technology. Its first ideas began in 2007, followed by years of private development of a different kind of digital world – one that’s designed to help everyone succeed as much as they need. A quick summary is the Expandiverse Technology Continuum:

• A family of “fused devices” is its left column. These replace today’s siloed devices with a family of continuous devices that are you-centered. They’re like an automatic door that follows you and opens and closes as you switch from screen to screen. Your digital services, communications, resources, etc. are always on and instantly usable from any of your screens. Your devices make you knowing and powerful.

• A back-end infrastructure is its right column. Everyone in the world gains the digital world’s best abilities whether they are in Silicon Valley, Singapore or a small town in America, Asia or Africa. This delivers the ability to succeed to everyone, continuously serving us on all our screens.

• Components for individuals, groups, human services and the world are in its center column. Some of these are:

– “You-centered” digital lifestyles with continuous connections to your people, services, places, tools and resources, entertainment and more.

– You’ll have multiple Shared Life Spaces for the different parts of your life (like family, work and friends).

– There are also boundaries like privacy (which includes public, private and secret).

– There’s services like Active Knowledge that increase success during tasks and could replace a lot of searching, while embedding e-commerce could replace a lot of online retail.

Stop thinking about our limits. Start wondering what we can do.

This evolution could be a transformation. What happens to a problem when 2 million or 20 million people work on it? What happens when solutions are automatically delivered as optional Active Knowledge to 1 or 2 billion people? What happens when the best results are continuously measured, and the best solutions are continuously surfaced and distributed in an advancing global wave?

With Expandiverse Technology, everyone connected can help create and receive the world’s best knowledge so they can perform at high levels, regardless of their education level.

However a digital planet develops, it will happen. Today’s Internet child will grow into a mature Digital Earth.

But the Expandiverse is a different kind of lever: Technology that helps everyone turn into our best and fulfill our potentials: As individuals, groups, societies and as a planet. We can enjoy an increasingly successful world.

Everyone’s screens could deliver new ways to ignite our personal and group digital engines. That could accelerate the future into the present, for the benefit of today’s people.

The journey to our full potentials can begin.

This article is excerpted from the new book Imagine A New Future: Creating Greatness for All. See http://imagineanewfuture.com

What Water4Gas Technology Will Do For You

If you, like millions of others, are wondering what Water4Gas technology will do for you, I have some great news! You may no longer have to be concerned with high gas prices! Smog may soon be reduced or even eliminated from our major cities. Even older cars will be made to run smoother with more horsepower and torque. How is all this possible? It is made possible with a simple do it yourself project that you assemble and install on your car.

The project allows you to create a device that uses a small amount of electricity from your car battery or alternator and a little bit of water to form a gas called HHO. HHO, or Brown’s gas, as it is sometimes called, is cleverly introduced into your engine. It is not water alone. You will not be able to run your car on water as a lot of misleading ads promise. Even though HHO is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, you are not running your car on hydrogen either. The mixture simply acts as an enhancer to allow the droplets of gasoline in your car to burn more efficiently. This more efficient use of gasoline will result in an increase in MPG by up to 60%!

By using this Water4Gas technology your car’s emission will be cleaner, too. You will not be creating nasty pollutants and smog as emissions will be pure oxygen.

Thousands of people have already installed these devices on their cars and trucks. Many users report a nice increase in horsepower and torque, even when installed on older gas guzzling vehicles.

According to economic experts one thing is certain. Gas prices will continue to rise. Many experts predict over $8 a gallon gasoline by early 2009. Reducing the stress and worry over these ridiculous high gas prices is the main thing Water4Gas technology will do for you. Many skeptics say it will not work. Many users are proving them wrong every day!