What Laser Technology Is Most Effective?

If you’re wanting laser hair removal, then you’re probably not sure which laser technology you should choose. After all, it seems like every single laser hair removal service is talking about something that’s just slightly different. What’s the truth about laser hair removal? What really is effective?

There are many varieties of laser technologies. Since lasers were first introduced in the 1960’s, a complex structure of laser types has branched off, showing off many good points and bad points.

While one laser might be the best solution for a client with black hair and medium skin, it could have no benefit for a person with fair hair and medium skin. There is no single laser technology that is unquestionably the best for everybody. However, here are some ideas to think about when choosing the right laser hair removal technology for you.

Dark Hair and/or Light Skin? Try LaserFast

Here’s how laser technology works. The laser is pulled to the darkest color in its path. In the majority of guests, the darkest material is the hair follicle. The laser then fries this hair follicle and the body expels it. This process is FDA approved.

Obviously, if you have dark hair and fair skin, then you are the perfect guest for LaserFast treatment. Most laser spa’s are not a one-solution-fits-all kind of spa. Not all patrons have dark hair and fair skin. If that’s the reality with you, then you might want to consider normal laser treatment.

Blonde Hair and/or Dark Skin? Try Traditional Laser Treatment

Laser hair removal is most often performed using traditional treatment methods. There are a wide variety of traditional laser hair removal methods available, some of them not as risky) and more guaranteed to work than others.

Local laser spa technicians generally take great pride in consulting with you one-on-one to make sure that you receive a treatment option that will certainly work for your needs. Many patients will have to come in for multiple treatments. Should this be the case, it’s necessary to select a laser hair removal procedure that makes sense with your schedule. If you can only make one or two visits, for instance, then you may end up going with a particular solution that gives quicker results but not necessarily better results.

It is suggested that you learn more about removing unwanted body hair by calling your local laser spa and seeing what services they offer and if they might be a good fit for you.