What New Technologies Are In Digital Cameras Today?

The cameras of today are quite advanced. The digital units no longer use the old films but instead, they have memory cards wherein the images are stored. There are other advanced features that make this photographic device easier to use. For sure, you’ve heard about them – intelligent auto, face detection, smile detection and blink detection among others.

Intelligent auto means the camera is able to recognize the type of subject you’re capturing such as whether it’s action or macro. All the other auto technologies of the camera are then coordinated to allow the user to get the best image.

The face detection technology is capable of finding faces in the picture. As it does this, the camera then locks on to set the focus exposure and other settings. You will know this when you see a square on the face of a person as you’re taking a picture.

Face detection should not be confused with face recognition because they’re different from each other. By face recognition, it means the camera knows who the face belongs to and then it adds a tag. This will allow the photographer to find and view pictures by the people in that photo. Most brands available today have this feature.

Face detection is actually a computer technology that not only detects facial features but also determines the location and sizes of human faces.

Smile detection allows the camera to activate the shutter in an automated manner when the device is able to see a person or people smiling in the frame. This was developed when the facial recognition software was introduced. One camera brand that boasts of this feature is the Panasonic Lumix.

It should be worth noting that although this feature was first introduced in digital cameras, it is also available in camera phones and video cameras. In addition, having this feature in a camera normally increases the price but many consumers do not really mind.

Blink detection, on the other hand, warns the user that a person in the image blinked when the photo was shot. This feature allows the user to take another shot to ensure that people in the frame have their eyes open wide while you’re shooting. Blinking during photo shoots used to be a common problem by new and veteran photographers. But with this technology, one can easily take another shot upon detection of a person in the image blinking.

Did you know that there’s also such a digital camera technology called the beauty mode? What this feature does is smooths the person’s skin tones as well as reduce spots, wrinkles and baggy eyes to make the subject look younger. The Olympus 7010 unit has this technology.

For those particular about location, the GPS mapping technology is now present in the more advanced digital cameras. This technology records the location where you shot your pictures to allow you to plot them on a map. This is similar to the GPS technology in smart phones and other mobile devices. The Samsung ST1000 already uses this feature.